New Year's in the District
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What does Washington DC do on New Year's Eve? Bonus points for under-21 or 21+ *wink wink nudge nudge* things.

I saw this question about DC between Christmas and New Year's, but what about actually on the night of the 31st? Is there any event similar to the ball dropping or fireworks or anything? I imagine they do something on the Mall. Note that bars and clubs aren't really possible, nor is spending a lot of money.
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We're new here as well, but try out Things to do in DC.
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I read recently that Alexandria's First Night is supposed to be the best in the area.
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Honestly, we leave town!
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Washington Weekend Preview
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I'll be at the Clarendon Ballroom m'self, though it was more of a "well, we don't know what the fuck else to do" kind of decision than something I would recommend. Not that it'll suck - Gonzo's Nose is unoffensive coverband stuff and fairly lively and CB's pretty large and has some indoor and outdoor area - but I spent last New Year's Eve in New Orleans so it's suffering by comparison for me...
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Here's the list from DCist which might have something of interest.
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