Is there any safe space right now to chat, adultly, with others?
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I find myself wanting to chat with others. Both M and F. Without any sort of BS rules or tons of ads. I know chatroullette and omegle used to be the places to go, but they seem to have fallen to the ad markets. Is there anywhere someone can go who just wants to chat (and yes, perhaps engage in adult behavior)? And no bots or stupid robot ads?
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IRC still exists, I believe.
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Making an peudonymous tumblr is a good for this, but it's not real time.
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To piggyback on blnkfrnk, tumblr now does have a real-time direct messaging capability. You can't see who is on when, but I've chatted with some folks in a pretty text-messaging-like fashion. YMMV, and most of the condos started due to one or the other party's tumblr blog content, so that investment may or not be of interest to OP.
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