How to remove a webpage of log-in credentials from Google?
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A forum I used to frequent had its log-in credential database hacked several months ago, including user names, passwords, and the email associated with the account. My email is on there, and it includes my full name. The text file of the hacked info was available on tor sites previously, but yesterday I googled myself and discovered that the file had made it to the normal www and was featured prominently in google results. How do I get this removed from google results? Google's help pages for removing content are not super helpful; more details inside.

I've been through the branching menus that google offers starting here, but it seems like this sort of content removal isn't normally in their purview since it doesn't have vital info like SSN's and digitized signatures and things like that. It seems like there must be some way to remove a hacked password database from the front page of their results, but I can't seem to figure it out.

I'd strongly prefer not to try to work this out with the website hosting the file (it seems to basically be a darkweb-->www converter, and I'd rather not have personal contact with folks doing this kind of thing). Any suggestions, metafilter? If there's any vital info needed to advise, just let me know and I'll put in a note via the mods. Thanks!

p.s. I'm currently changing all my passwords, but I'd really like to get this info off the easily-accessible web.
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You probably can't get it removed. Google won't and the website operators are just going to laugh at you. The best you can do is get enough references to you on high page rank sites that it sinks off the first page results.

Password dumps are the new normal. Almost everyone online is going to have them posted publicly sooner or later, so unless you have something embarrassing as your password, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Stepping up your password game is the big takeaway lesson.

If having that you visit a site is embarrassing if it's disclosed, set up sock puppet email addresses and use aliases.
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