San Francisco - list of accidents available?
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Is there a sort of online police blotter for San Francisco where crimes/accidents are listed? Asking for a friend with a relative who was an alleged victim of a hit-and-run.

For the background: the alleged victim is a Moroccan adult and has lived in the States since age 10. He has a spotty work history, no health insurance, and multiple sclerosis. Apparently he had been getting treatment by using a friend's identity and insurance (yes, we are wary of this story). The story his family has been told is that on leaving the hospital (we don't know which) after a treatment, he had on a hospital bracelet with the friend's name on it, and not long afterwards was run down by someone who took off. He is apparently now in a coma, and being treated under this other person's name. Family do not have any names to go on (ditto, this raises warning bells for all involved).

Family would very much like to be able to verify the facts of the story, thus the question: is there somewhere online that a hit-and-run would be listed? The date that's been given is Friday the 24th, and it happened in San Francisco. We don't have any more specifics than that. We have Googled and come up short.
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Best answer: I can't speak to the police blotter you're requesting but if there is such a thing it would be based on police reports.

Your first stop should be to try and request a police report from sfpd at with whatever details you have available to you.
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Response by poster: Thank you, have sent along the phone number listed there.

Anything that needs to be done by mail will be too slow, and in-person isn't possible; the rest of the family is either in Morocco or France. Thus the preference for online if possible.
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You might be able to get someone to run interference on the ground (mixed metaphors ftw) by posting in Jobs, btw.
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Forgive me for not directly answering the question, but, If the person telling the story actually knows that your friend is in a coma, they must also know the name of the hospital, right? Otherwise how would they know that your friend is comatose if they weren't in touch with the hospital? If they don't have that information This story seems less "suspicious" and more "nonsensical".
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Response by poster: I made sure to point out "we are wary" more than once for just that reason. This is exactly why we need a way to verify the story at a minimum. Family does not know the friend, and the relative is unreachable.

I'd appreciate direct replies to the question.
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Best answer: Try getting in touch with the folks at Hoodline - they cover local SF news and hit and run accidents are definitely right up their alley. Their is a current story here that happened close-ish to Davies medical center that it is plausibly your guy?
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Response by poster: Just heard back from friend - uncle was found, he's at SF General, and was indeed taken in under the wrong name due to the hospital bracelet (it is him). Family are getting in touch with the hospital to straighten everything out.

Thank you everyone for your tips! Hoodline got back to us super quick: this was it.
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