How can I get involved in the Hillary Clinton campaign?
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I have signed up three times on her website to volunteer. I have not received any instruction. I have only received solicitations.

I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My state apparently doesn’t have a field office, even though we are a swing state.

I have also tried to volunteer with the Democratic party. I have written to the party at the county, state and national level. Two did not respond; one basically just said “Thanks. You’ll hear from us later.” That was a week ago.

I helped the Sanders campaign, and that experience was so much better.

Does anyone know how I can get plugged in to the Clinton campaign?
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Best answer: It looks like there is an office in ABQ (address on that invite). Could you go down there? Speaking as former campaign field staff, it's annoying that no one is getting back to you but they are probably still getting staffed up. However, if you went down the office, I bet they could get you plugged in.

There's also a facebook group, which makes it seem like there are volunteer activities happening.
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I've found that the only way to really get hooked up to volunteer is to physically show up at the party office.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Lunasol! I had not found that. I will go down there.

If Trump were not so abominable, I would have given up.

But you and the green saved the day.
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I just wanted to thank you for your persistence in offering your time and talent. I know it's frustrating not hearing back but this is an all hands on deck situation and I'm glad you're getting involved.
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Yup, just want to reiterate that in my admittedly a few years old experience, for most campaign volunteering stuff you just show up at your local precinct office and say "How can I help?" and they will find a way to put you to work.

Probably as election day gets closer, the campaign will set up a way that you can call up people in swing states from home using VOIP (so you don't have to pay). But I don't think they start doing phone-bank work until probably a month before the election; earlier on it's not a great use of anyone's time.
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Awesome! So glad to hear it. And you've reminded me I wanted to volunteer too.
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Are you interested in phonebanking for the campaign from home?
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Response by poster: Andoatnp, I am open to doing whatever needs done.

Town of cats, we don't even have a county party office here.
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You can start calling on right now.
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