Uh... I don't get it
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I don't understand last week's Oglaf comic [NSFW ads]. Do you? And can you explain it? Thanks!
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He became enlightened the longer he held the pose, which is what she wanted. Poking fun at the sort of ppl who practice yoga, it seems - meat is murder and the call for tight pants. At least that's my take.
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the webmistress read it the same way I did. Not the funniest Oglaf strip ever, but I was able to get the joke.

Also, when you link to an Oglaf strip, please mark it NSFW. Even when the strip is work-safe, the ads usually aren't.
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[Added a warning; what P.U. said.]
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the_webmistress, that makes sense! I got a definite 'he's one of us now' vibe, but I had no idea who 'us' were. Thank you so much!
Sorry about the ads. I don't see them, so I had no idea.
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They're some sort of yoga cultists. They kidnap you and twist you into impossible contortions until you achieve enlightenment and join them. Notice how they're dressed.
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I feel like this is actually a semi-recurring character in the strip, but, uh, there are a lot of strips and I don't know what to search for.
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I seriously did not get this one either. You're not alone!
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Subtle, isn't it?
NSFW, etc.
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Also, in the BDSM communities, there is a concept of stress position bondage and or predicament bondage- basically, the longer you hold it (or try to move) the worse it feels. So there is likely some juxtaposition between BDSM play (at least one seems to be a fairly legit BDSM pose, if pretty unsafe), yoga positions, and some subversion of the expectations of 'the rack' leading to enforced enlightenment, and then joining of said BDSM yoga cult.
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