Recommendation for place for a good cocktail in Hyde Park ? (Chicago)
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Very old (70+ with one young one) friends getting together for a stroll around the campus and 'would like to wind up with a good cocktail (or two) in the environs. 'Been a long time since we were out there - anyone have any ideas on a nice place for us? Thanks very much.
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I was going to suggest Orly's, but it's been awhile since I've been near campus, and it has since closed.

A quick look at Yelp suggests your best -- and perhaps only -- choice is a newer place I've never been, The Promontory.

Otherwise, it looks like the dives from my days there are still around, from the Pub to Jimmy's to the Cove.
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A10 might also work, although they're more a restaurant and I don't remember if they have a bar you can sit at. They're only 1.5 blocks away from the Promontory, in case you end up not liking the vibe of one or the other.
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Just for clarification: By good cocktail, do you mean any old mixed drink at a reasonable price? or a well thought out, exquisitely executed beverage?
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The closest place to the campus proper where one can get a cocktail is probably Seven Ten Lanes, near the corner of 55th and Ellis. While the name makes it sound like it's just a bowling alley, the last time I was there (which was 5–10 years ago now) they had a fairly large restaurant & bar area, as well as some billiards tables.
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If any of you are academics and a member of one of the clubs with which it has a reciprocal arrangement, you might try the Quadrangle Club.
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A10 has a very pleasant bar you can sit at, and the cocktails are great.
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