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All I want to do is get a relatively cheap webcam for video unboxings that films beautifully and has auto-focus. Got a good rec for me? Bonus: tripod recs.

I have been trying to film unboxing videos and am disappointed in the webcam I bought: a Logitech HD Webcam C310. What I don't like about it:

- it doesn't auto-focus
- the quality of the video it produces is poor*
- the thing they give you to clip it onto my pc monitor is fiddly and of limited use.

* this may be due to my lighting, but even in good daylight it seems not great.

I hate it! I need a better one that won't break the bank.

Also: cheap tripod recommendations.

I would like to do unboxing videos like this one. I thought I could get away with the cheapest webcam but apparently not. (I heard the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, 1080p Widescreen Video Calling and Recording is good, but now I'm sort of put off by the first Logitech I bought.)

Please hope me share my purchases with the world.
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(Forgot to mention budget: I don't really have a set budget, but am always looking for high-quality at the lowest possible price.)
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I've noticed that a number of unboxers are using their phones or tablets. Maybe that and look for a mount?
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I don't have a phone, nor tablet.
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I mean, if it makes more sense to get a smartphone instead of a webcam and just use that in place of a webcam, I'm all for it. 🎉
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There are also tons of regular cameras that have wifi now ... I have this Samsung camera, and the video quality is quite nice. It's easy to send a video to your computer once you've recorded it.
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A phone or tablet has the advantage that you can "look through it" as you capture video. With a webcam, you're going to be checking a monitor that's positioned elsewhere. Whether that works might depend on what you're unboxing.

I've used the C910. The optics are great, and the build quality is good.
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C920 or C930. Industry standard for my line of work.
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Regardless of what camera you go with, consider optimizing your lighting. I would suggest using multiple sources. Clamp lights or task lights shining from different angles should work just fine. You can soften the light with paper or bounce it off of a sheet of white foam board from the dollar store.
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I have the exact same camera and mine works great.

Play with it some more, experiment, see if you can improve the pic quality.

Good luck
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The Wirecutter likes the C920.
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OK thanks for your thoughts; I bought the C920 from Amazon as that had the cheapest price. Also got an Amazon Basics tripod, first time I've bought one of those.

The input about lighting is great - I'll buy some white foam board and fiddle around with that and some task lights. Thanks, everyone!
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