Best iOS Twitter app?
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What's the best Twitter app for iOS these days? I have been using the official app but the increasing amount of ads is getting to me. One feature that it does well is let me hide thumbnails in tweets. Is there an alternate app that gives that option? I've seen Tweetbot and Twitterific mentioned, but don't have any experience with either. Thanks!
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If you care at all about seeing mentions, favorites, conversations, or anything except the tweet itself as you scroll through your feed, Twitterific is twerrible. If there's a way to do that easily, I've had the app for about a year and haven't figured it out. Looking for suggestions myself.
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I use and absolutely love Tweetbot. It doesn't exactly hide thumbnails it just squeezes them all down to micro-size. If anything, its ultra-tiny thumbnails are sometimes annoying because it can be hard to tell which picture attachments are worth opening, but if you dislike them, you'll love tweetbot.

On the specific matter of ads, there are none. I'm actually surprised that Twitter - which has been increasingly hostile to third-party apps in recent years - doesn't just shove them into the tweetstream anyway. But my tweetbot experience is entirely ad-free.
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Another vote for Tweetbot. I'm able to turn off thumbnails entirely. (Using it on the iPad right now. Settings -> Display -> Image thumbnails: none.)
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Tweetbot, because you can do that fun fling trick when you dismiss a picture.
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I like Tweetlogix. No ads. Settings -> Inline images. Select "None" and tweets with pics display a little picture icon until you click on the tweet. Then the picture is displayed.
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OMG Tweetbot could charge $40 and I'd (reluctantly) pay for it. The ability to filter is so valuable, I've been using it long enough now that I've filtered out all sportsball, politics, and flavour of the week celebrities and yet the critical stuff still gets through.

I even made a regex filter for anyone that includes more than two hashtags in their tweet: (#\w+(\s*)){3,}
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Tweetbot just added timeline filters, making a good thing better. It's not perfect- since it's third party, Twitter makes life difficult by restricting API access to things like favorite information, polls, etc.
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Nthing Tweetbot. I switched to Android and miss it so much.
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Thanks folks! I bought Tweetbot and it's great!
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My favourite tweetbot feature is turning off retweets per followed account.
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