Dumb Dremel Q: How do I attach an accessory?
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This is definitely a silly question that I'll feel dumb for asking later, but right now it has reached COSMIC MYSTERY levels of frustration. Today I popped out and got myself a Dremel 4000 kit. I opened it up and went to attach my first accessory. None of the accessories that come withe the 4000 seemed to fit in the Collet. "Well, that's dumb", I thought to myself. I went back out and dropped another couple bucks on the set of 4 collet sizes. Came home, same issue.

The collet always seems too small. Now, I'm presuming that there must be some kind of chuck-style way to adjust the size of the collet, but I'm baffled. I've read the instructions backwards and forwards. I've looked at over a dozen tutorials. They all say the same thing: Just go ahead and slip your accessory into the collet! Easy peasy!

I'm feeling insane right now. What am I missing? Additionally, how do collets fit inside the collet nut? The one that came with the kit seems stuck inside, the ones that I bought don't seem to fit. I'm missing something obvious and big.

Thanks for the help!
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Response by poster: Annnnd cue the solution: The nut/collet that came with the kit were stuck together. As a result, I thought that the collet was supposed to be jammed inside the nut and not inserted into the shaft, then the nut tightened around it. Ooof.
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You're not the only person this happened to. . . I saw this review on Amazon:

When my Dremel 4000 arrived, I noticed that none of the included 1/8" shanks fit into the collet. I think some of the other buyers who ran into this problem concluded at this point that their Dremels came with the wrong-sized collet.

However, when I took it apart a little I found that the collet had just been jammed tightly into the collet nut, closing down its diameter so that the shanks wouldn't fit. I unscrewed the collet nut from the Dremel and used a small screwdriver to push the collet out of the back end of the collet nut. This allowed the collet to open up to its full diameter; all of the included shanks now fit.
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If this kind of thing happens again, I've had real help from their phone support for similar problems (I didn't realize I needed a smaller collet for their tiny diamond-tipped drill bits; they explained very patiently, now I'm a fan).
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You're probably going to want a keyless chuck soon anyway (so much easier than the collets), so you may as well just order it now: Dremel 4486 Keyless Chuck
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