What can I do with a pound of shattered chocolate Easter bunny?
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I was gifted a giant Palmer hollow milk chocolate Easter Bunny (this one, The “GrandBunny”) that’s cracked into a bunch of pieces. I took the pieces out of the box and put them into a plastic bag in my fridge. What can I do with this chocolate?

I don’t eat a lot of candy, and I eat my breakfasts and lunches in the company canteen, or else I would have worked at it bit by bit by putting it in my oatmeal. I'm far too busy to bake nowadays. Maybe I can save it for cocoa, but that season is a long time away. Any ideas? I live in New York City, if that helps. Thanks!
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If you don't need it now, freeze it until you have time to make use of it.
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Honestly...Palmer chocolate is really not very good. I'd toss it.
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Aw, Palmer isn't bad for cheap chocolate - beats Hershey's any day. Maybe melt some and use it to dip pretzels or fruit?
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Make chocolate chip cookies with the bits. If you're not into cookies, bring them to work to share with your coworkers.
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Make a chocolate cheesecake with it - bring it to work to share with your coworkers.
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I can't believe that no one has mentioned s'mores yet. It's s'mores season!
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Probably nothing. However, it might be good in ice cream with another kind of chocolate and possibly orange or mint. Try it in an orange sorbet as a topping.
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You could gussy up some plain trail mix with it.
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If you really want to go low-effort and not use it for baking, I could maybe see fondue, but more likely I'd probably just bring it to work, stick it in the break room and send out an email letting people know to help themselves.
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Give the pieces to an appreciative child.
No afficianado tastes Palmer more than once.
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It's got so much sugar in it that it's not really good as an ingredient. I'd do what was suggested above: break it into a lot of small pieces, freeze them, then eat them one or two at a time as a craving hits.

This has real advantages: if you want a piece of chocolate, you won't have to buy a whole candy bar or something, then feel obliged to finish the whole thing; you can just have one tiny piece and move on with your life.
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Chop it up, put that and some milk in a small saucepan, heat and stir gently until it combines and gets hot, but not to a boil -- now you have hot chocolate!
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Melt it in the microwave with a little coconut oil and make magic shell for ice cream.
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Break it into very small pieces with a rolling pin and use it as a garnish for things like cappuccino, oatmeal, hot chocolate with whipped cream, plain ice cream. You mention that you eat in the canteen -- you could just take the chocolate with you in a little ziplock bag and add it to your food there.
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Hot chocolate. Add whiskey and drink by a campfire if you can.

Oh I see you already considered hot chocolate! I'd do a sundae bar then and use it as chocolate sprinkles. Or melt over popcorn and add caramel and peanuts.
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Take it into work. People will eat anything sweet at 3pm.
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Try searching "chocolate in savory dishes" and see if anything tickles your fancy. I remember the chocolate chili got good reviews (I never actually had it and am, in fact, a vegetarian, I just read about it).

I do use up bits like this buffing up cocoa, but my office temperature is such that cocoa season is all year 'round.

Otherwise, even with things you could make with it, it is mostly only adding calories to your existing diet, which, dammit, if I'm going to do that it's going to be with really good chocolate, and not holiday junk chocolate. Throw it out and grit your teeth over the guilt of throwing out edible things.
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