Name that Music Video: '80s New Wave/Pop Edition
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The band is playing in the middle of a (house) party and the video pans around the party. I want to say I remember there being general 80s weirdness/fashion and maybe some skulls? I also want to say the song was one of those that could seem like a double-entendre for masturbation, or else kind of sexually suggestive in some way; unfortunately googling "80s songs about masturbation" didn't help. Also, the band may or may not have been British. Can anyone decipher which song I'm thinking about?
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I touch myself from Aussie band the Divynls has masterbation and a house but not much of a house party.
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Was it the B-52s Love Shack?
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Oingo Boingo -Dead Man's Party?
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It's not Adam Ant's Prince Charming, is it? 80s weirdness, fashion, British, and a Cinderella ball.
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Couldn't possibly have been the original video for Relax, could it? (All 80s songs were about masturbation.)
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Could you be somehow combining two Cyndi Lauper songs--Girls Just Want To Have Fun ("house party " sequence starts at about 3:20) and She Bop? Both were big hits in the US, they definitely have the 80s vibe, and for what it's worth, I just assumed Cyndi Lauper was British for quite awhile.
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Turning Japanese?
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Dancing with Myself? There's kind of a zombie rooftop party.
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So, after checking out these suggestions (and almost thinking it might have been the Oingo Boingo song) and doing some more fruitless googling, it came to me in a flash: Save it For Later by The English Beat.

Thanks all for helping me get there!
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