Classical CD stores in Cologne/Bonn and Helsinki
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Shops with a reasonable stock of classical music CDs in Cologne/Bonn and Helsinki?

That's it. Where can I buy classical music CDs in those cities? Googling for this is surprisingly difficult. Limited to the central business district of each city, please, since I won't have the time to go further out.
I already know about the CD store in the Musikkittalo in Helsinki but anything else is welcome.
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Best answer: For Cologne, you apparently need to be at Saturn am Hansaring.
(CD stores with noteworthy classical selections have largely vanished from German cities, and Saturn is one of the few holding on to some of it. I know their Bremen collection, supposedly Cologne is similar. Not like in the old days for sure...).

One idea for Bonn would be the Beethovenhaus shop, actually.

Concert halls sometimes sell CDs, at least here in Gothenburg they do, so that's perhaps worth looking into.
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Best answer: A store that you could hit up in Helsinki is Digelius Music which is in a really cool part of HKI. also, Keltainen Jäänsärkijä is pretty good. its downtown, been around forever and they can point you in the right direction too. the word for record store (cd/music store?) in finnish is levykauppa.
hope this helps!
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. Namlit: Saturn am Hansaring looks lite a reasonable start and it's close to where we will be staying. We intend to go to the Beethovenhaus. Speakeasy: I've seen mentions of Digelius but had assumed it didn't do classical. Anyway, thanks again.
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Response by poster: Update: Namlit was spot on re Saturn. If only HMV in the UK could do as well. Now on to Helsinki.
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