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I read a short story about a woman living in a city where no one answered knocks on the doors of their homes because if they did, they would be violently dragged into the streets and murdered by some unknown force. Other details of the story are vague. I believe it was set in some kind of metropolitan dystopia. One or two of the woman's partners answered the door and were pulled into the street and torn to pieces. I can't remember where I could've possibly read this. My Google skills are failing me. Please help me!
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"The Whimper of Whipped Dogs", by Harlan Ellison?
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I remember when the search engines searched for legit metadata...this one is so hard to google: Black Memes, is a sci-fi shortie that *might* fit.
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Yo, you guys, against all odds, I found it. It's Marrying Up by Diane Cook. I thought that I might have read it in Guernica Mag so I searched for a description I remembered, "he was strong', in their search engine. Lo and behold, it was one of the top results.
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