Need Suggestion for Bar in Midtown -- Wednesday late HH preferred.
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Wanted: A bar in midtown NYC (between MSG and Grand Central preferred) that has good drink specials on Wednesday early evening..

A few college friends who I do not usually get a chance to see are meeting up this afternoon in midtown, and we'd all like to find a place that we havent been to, and that offers decent drink specials between, say, 7-10pm. Any ideas?
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There's very little in that area that is non touristy, or even a little bit interesting, given that you're smack dab in commuter territory there, but the Ginger Man has an excellent beer selection, is a decent place for smallish groups and usually has some happy hour specials on food and drink. I'll continue to give it some thought however.
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three words ----
Tir Na nOg

Address: 5 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-630-0249

If it's beer and a burger you want, you could hardly do better than at Tir na NOg (5 Penn Plaza, Eighth Avenue between 33rd and 34th streets, 212-630-0249), an unusually friendly and attractive Irish bar and grill. Salads, soups and entrees are good as well. ("Tir na NOg" refers to the legendary Irish land of eternal youth.)
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While the Ginger Man and Tir Na Nog are both chains, I heartily recommend the former. We used to go to the Houston branch often; good people.
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Ginger Man I've been to, and they don't have happy hour specials, although they do have 'happy hour' (whatever that means). Happy Hour = specials in my book.

Tir Na nOg sounds good, but no happy hour and average price is $5.50 for a draft.. I'd love to find a place less expensive for my in-school, in-debt friends..

Thanks though.. :-)
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You could hardly get cheaper than the Molly Wee Pub on 8th Ave a block south of MSG.
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We ended up at Croton Reservoir Tavern.. Nice place. Food wasnt cheap, but domestic drafts were $3, and that's fair.

Thanks for the help.
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