Identification of a poem and its source
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I can't remember the place I read this poem as a grade-schooler. Google has some people asking about it but no answer. Does anyone know where this poem is from, especially author and where it was published in the 70s? This is as much as I remember: (poem inside)

Unhorsed, thrown down,
with mortal wounds he lies, and as he dies,
He sees the flags fluttering in the air
(he barely hears the holy monk beside him,
murmuring a prayer)
And [something something] and who will sorrow,
When fowl awaken beast and man,
Tomorrow, and then tomorrow.

This is all from hazy memory, but I am trying to find it as I've been reading some things about poems that people have memorized and why. That's the one I memorized, and I'd sure like to know where I read it. Thank you!
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i think it is a line from the young duellists
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i think it is a line from the young duellists

Nope. Full paragraph from that book reads:
Those were times, certainly, or chivalric but barbarous warfare. The delicacy of female sentiment no longer delights in the renown of men, whose highest title to consideration was founded on the numerous antagonists they had excited by their hautiness, to combat – unhorsed – thrown down – murdered!
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Edwin Arlington Robinson's "Lancelot, a poem" contains the "tomorrow and then tomorrow" bit, and has a similar feel to the rest, but not sure if it's the one you want.
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I don't know but it sounds SO familiar, so I'm going to at least reassure you that you didn't just make it up in a dream.
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As you say, other people (I guess not you?) have asked this question elsewhere, on Yahoo Answers and Chicklit forums. The versions of the text in those places are similar but not identical.

The poster on Chicklit forums seems to think it was in an (undigitized?) children's magazine.

I haven't found any other leads through googling or electronic databases.
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Metafilter is the best, of course, but maybe try posting on a site that's specifically for grade-school teachers.
Or on sites or FB groups for the members of your high-school or grade-school classes.
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