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Our neighbors have these two perennial plants growing on the side of their hill, next to the sidewalk. They seem to be the only hillside plants that really gain any traction and spread from year to year. What are they?

Hi everyone,

I want to plant the same plants on our hilly, moribund patch of grass. Help me figure out what they are.

1. The green one

2. The purple one
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The first one looks like stonecrop to me. It's good in dry soils, so the other may also be findable by looking at rockery plants. Although looking on line, there are Many different sedums called stonecrop, so you may have options within the sedum family, too.
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ldthomps is correct on the green one. The groundcover with purple foliage (and it will have spikes of purple flowers) is ajuga.
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The second one is likely ajuga "purple brocade." The first one is a type of stonecrop sedum, but I am not sure on the variety.
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Side note: daylilies and tradescantia/spiderwort are also good options for hillside plantings.
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You may also want to try mazus reptans as a ground cover -- spreads quickly and has very pretty flowers in the spring.
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Definitely Ajuga. One of my favorite groundcovers.
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Take a look at your locality's plant resources to see if Ajuga is considered invasive in your area. It is in some areas, but most areas you just need to keep an eye on it and not plant it next to vulnerable wilderness areas.
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