Songs to leave Europe to
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So, presciently, my apocalypse themed birthday party is happening tomorrow (Saturday). Obviously, the mood has dimmed a bit with Brexit, so I want to put together a banging playlist to cheer my party guests up while we dance.

I'm looking for upbeat songs with a European/positive/multicultural/integrative theme. These can be lyrical or musical - any language is fine. I've already mined recent Eurovision albums. I'm looking for the opposite of those 80s apocalypse anthems (The Final Countdown/99 Luftballoons etc), ones that say the future isn't necessarily going to be horrible.
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Trans-Europe Express - Kraftwerk
Eurotrash Girl - Cracker
I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch - FSK
From Paris to Berlin - Infernal
French Disko - Stereolab
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Dispatch - Elias
Bobby McFerrin - Dont worry, be happy
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Johnny Marr - European Me
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Bis - Eurodisco
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also: Natasja - I danmark er jeg født
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Well, if you're looking for an ironic closer to fit the Brexit mood: French Rock n Roll.

But on a more upbeat note: Ca Plane Pour Moi.
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Laibach's N.A.T.O. album (too soon?)
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Fish Turned Human – The International
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Ö La Palöma Boys – Ö La Palöma
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Anarchy in the UK
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I'm From Barcelona - literally any song
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"Don't Worry Be Happy" is a bitterly ironic song, FYI.

Some of the more optimistic corridos songs about immigration may interest you.
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The nicest thing I can say about "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo is that it definitely favors international exchange. So to speak.
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London's Burning?
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Lisztomania - Phoenix
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Arguably/ambiguously optimistic:
Housemartins, Get Up Off Our Knees
Le Tigre, Fake French

(Also U2's Zooropa comes to mind though it's never floated my boat)
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Roxy Music - A Song For Europe
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How about "Rotterdam" by the Beautiful South

And especially for today "I Don't Love You" by My Chemical Romance
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The Ode to Joy (EU anthem)
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How about some ABBA as well: perhaps Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) or Hasta Manaña
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I'm also going to suggest The Clash's "London Calling". I love the phonetic punning between Calling and Cauling: to be "born with the caul" is a protection against drowning. Upbeat with a nihilistic twist.
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Something from Euro Deluxe Dance Party by Le Sport? It’s Not The End of the World would seem fitting.
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If you have a bit of love for girly House music, turn this up loud and get with Pretty Pink's mix of Schöner Moment
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Asian Dub Foundation's New way New life

or their Real Great Britain, bit bitter sounding right now though.
Also Billy Bragg, Milkman of Human Kindness
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'I've had relations / with girls from many nations' (Billy Bragg, Sexuality)
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I'm in L.A. but one of the radio stations today had a good time with their playlist. On my lunch hour drive I heard God Save the Queen and Part of the Union.
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Pet Shop Boys, Euroboy.
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Scorpions - Wind Of Change

Pet Shop Boys - Go West

The Internationale
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This seems like a situation tailor-made for Saint Bob's supremely ironic Great Song of Indifference.
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Something by Manu Chao? Clandestino or Promiscuity would be great, but they're not that hopeful. Me Gustas Tu is much happier.
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Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy makes passing reference to Milan. Go with it - it's fun!
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'Can't Be Sure' by The Sundays seems particularly appropriate.
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