Looking for a wood stove / bbq for outdoor heating and cooking (UK)
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I'm looking for suggestions/advice on outdoor heating/cooking options for my garden. I want something with the following properties:

- burns wood rather than charcoal
- burns reasonably efficiently so that I can get heat without too much smoke (so I'm thinking some sort of stove with a chimney rather than a simply fire pit)
- can provide heat for sitting out in the garden when it gets chilly (so probably something cast iron, to hold the heat)
- has some sort of hot surface for putting a kettle or pan on for conventional cooking
- can also put a grill on for direct heat bbq type cooking

It seems like the ideal solution would be an outdoor wood stove like this. Can anyone suggest other alternatives (I'm in the UK if that helps), or tell me why this is a terrible idea?

In case it helps, I'm not interested in doing any smoking, or in gas/electric heaters.
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You might use the search term chiminea/chimenea; there are a variety of types. Here is one example. Here's another simpler type.
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