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I'm injured but I need to take several international flights this summer, and I'm wondering how I can request special support at the airport to get from gate to gate. Bonus points: some of this travel will be in Russia, so information about how things work there would be much appreciated.

I've hurt my foot/leg and walking is painful and difficult. I believe I can request assistance, but I'm not sure how it works when I arrive at an airport where I need to transfer. If I request it at the start, does it just follow through all the legs of my trip?
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You need to book "mobility service" together with your ticket. Then someone with a wheelchair will meet you at the airplane and transfer (push you) you from gate to gate. This is not as glamouros as it sounds, expect to be "parked" at random if there is a delay... people I booked this for tell me one feels like a piece of luggage.

If you bring with you a walker, crutches, wheelchair etc, as carry on you will be asked to give the dimensions of the folded equipment (so have it ready) but there will be no need to use as the airline/airport will provide the wheelchair (I don't think they offer walkers). The mobility service it will be written into your ticket(s) and follows through the entire trip. Obviously this will also depend on the airlines you use, this is how it is with major airlines, budget airlines may vary how they handle this.

So if I were you I would start checking the info provided on the airline's websites for mobility services (or if you use a travel agent they can do that for you). the big airlines offer the mobility service free of charge. If you already purchased a ticket, still check - I am fairly certain you can add it on to an existing ticket.

Also, larger airports in Europe do offer mobility services that you can book, some for free and some for a charge. However, you would need to arrange this with each airport separately (look for mobility services on the airport's website), and some charge for it, so it makes more sense to do it through the airline and only if the airline does not offer it reserve it through the airport.

PS - Do ask if the mobility service includes help with luggage - this can be tricky, be sure that you are covered/get help with both.
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