Dress shoes for walking
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Dresses and walking, together

For someone who loves dresses and loves to walk, a lot, what dress shoes can you recommend? Shoes that can be taken for travel to explore cities in and are comfortable, look a bit sexy (or as dressy as possible) but can walk miles.
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Naturalizer! I love mine and they definitely have some cute/sexy/dressy shoes, like this pair or these or these.
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Clarks! I have a couple pairs with low heels that I have walked miles in.
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Yes I also love Clarks!
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I have two recommended brands: M&S Insolia - their heeled office shoes not so much (though you can walk in them for a long time if you have to), but their cork platform sandals for example? Ideal. I have a red pair and a blue pair of those. Also some flat ones in silver but flats are not ideal for long periods of walking.

My other one is Clarks Softwear, though only for sandals. Their shoes are very hard and inflexible and thus, very painful especially at the toe joint. The sandals are a different story. You can walk for hours in them and not feel a thing. I like them so much I have them in purple, pink and orange, and gold and beige.
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Finn Comforts. I wore mine to my last professional conference, including walking from our hotel to the conference hotel and back (1.5 miles each way) and miles in the conference hotel and to dinner and such and lots of standing in between.

They are painfully expensive; I got lucky on a half off sample sale.
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Aetrex or Aravons. Might want to check out this blog by a podiatrist. Excellent, cute recommendations.
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Nthing Aravons which have a good range of widths and work well with orthotics.
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I've had success walking miles/standing all day in the rubber sole strappy wedges from Fly London. Also I have royal blue rubber sole suede sandal from Arche. All of the shoes are very cute for summer and are fine for walking a mile+.

My winter selection is less comfortable. I had beautiful red t-strap heels from Biviel that they no longer make, these were my favourite shoes ever. I have a low heel from Fluevog as well that works. However I did get dreadful blisters in the Fluevogs on long (5 km) walks. My boots are all quite heavy and need replacing. I'll watch this thread for suggestions.
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YMMV, but almost every pair of Miz Mooz pumps and maryjanes I've ever owned are totally walkable and completely adorable.

I also wear Geox flats every day. Good to walk to work, good to wear to work, good to walk home.
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