How do I purchase German stamps in the US?
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I'd like to send a self addressed stamped envelope to Germany so that someone can mail something back to me in the US.

Internet searches mostly bring up how to buy stamps in Germany or things for stamp collectors. I'm not in or reasonably close to a city with a German consulate.

Difficulty level: I can read and write German well enough to communicate for a transaction.
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Best answer: You can buy them off of ebay, either from ebay in Germany or someone in the US who has unused German stamps for some reason. I buy US postage on ebay a lot and it's interesting to buy it from, for example, people in Canada for whom it's not really worth much. Just make sure it's unused. Happy hunting!
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The official way to do something like this is to send an international reply coupon. It does put some burden on the other party to go redeem the coupon for local postage, however.
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Oops, never mind. The USPS stopped selling them in 2013.
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Best answer: You can print postage online from DeutschePost.
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Response by poster: Ooh you lovely people are quick! Off to try eBay and DeutschePost.
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I think it might be easiest just to send a money order and let your correspondent buy postage with it.
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Best answer: You can you buy them online and print them yourself
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In response to zsaza

I have tried to purchase "International Reply Coupons" in the UK before and was informed by the Post Office that nobody uses them anymore.
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Response by poster: Buying online from Deutsche Post is the winner. There's an option to choose your own image too. Penguins on a stamp! You need to open an account with a minimum 10 euro deposit, for any future askers.

eBay looks like a place to hunt for the future before there's an immediate need.

Sending a money order would be asking too much--my correspondent is already doing me a great favor and any additional imposition would be rude.
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