Who do I address my query to?
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So, I finally wrote a novel and I'm ready to start looking for an agent. I found this via twitter, and the agent looks like a good fit for my book. The submission guidelines at her agency say "Please mail submissions to the attention of ETHAN ELLENBERG".

So, should I follow that instruction, but mention Lewis's post? That seems the best fit for following the specific instructions, but it just feels weird.

Any advice would be most welcome.
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It would be one thing if Lewis gave different instructions, but even her post says that submissions are to go to a general Ethan Ellenberg mailbox. So yeah, follow their instructions.
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Ellen Ellenberg is the agency. Bibi Lewis is the agent.
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And just to add: there are only three agents at the agency, and I imagine all three have access to the submissions.
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As a general rule, it's a good thing for your query letter to convey that (a) you have a specific reason for submitting to this specific agent, and (b) you have done your homework and followed the agent's preferred format for querying. So, your instinct -- to follow the instructions, but mention the post and explain why your book is a good fit-- is right on.

I agree with you that it feels weird, but querying is an awkward process and is always going to feel a little weird! The approach you're taking -- doing your homework and trying to respect agents' preferences-- is the best way to go.
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Thanks folks.
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