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I am planning a trip in a month to see friends. And once again I am irritated and confused. I enjoy a hotel that has a good breakfast buffet: eggs, cereal, fruit, etc. Yeah I know a "free" breakfast isn't free, it is built into the room rate. But upon searching for hotels that offer breakfast, the only search option is either yes or no. Not the type of breakfast. Much to my chagrin I have discovered hotels that offer coffee and muffins in cellophane as breakfast. Other than going through the hassle of contacting each hotel individually, are there any global search engines that are more granular in this aspect?
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TripAdvisor generally is the best place to get the skinny on how worthwhile the offered hotel breakfast is.
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If you're in a city with a Drury hotel, check it out. Their free breakfast has lots of choices, and they may even have free dinners in certain locations. I found out about it on Trip Advisor because of the people absolutely raving about all the free food/drink.
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I, too, care about hotel breakfast. The way I use TripAdvisor is I get my list of top area hotels (I usually search the B&B/inn section rather than the chain and large hotels section) and then I click on the top few contenders and search the reviews for the word "breakfast". This will give you all the reviews that mention what the breakfast is like, and so you can get a pretty good idea as you peruse them whether the breakfast is 'continental' (i.e. bad), standard, or awesome.
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On, when you're looking at the details page for the hotel, scroll down past At A Glance, and there's a section called "In the Hotel". The Food and Drink section will generally list whether the breakfast is buffet or continental. It's not an upfront search option, but at least you can find it out without phoning anyone.
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The higher star ratings should correspond with a better breakfast. Marriotts (4 star, I think?) usually set up the waffle iron, eggs, oatmeal bar, etc.
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If there's an Embassy Suites where you're going to, they do a full made-to-order breakfast every morning.
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If you don't mind chain hotels, I usually prefer to stay at Hampton Inns primarily for this reason. All of them offer a fairly good breakfast buffet (usually eggs, some protein, various breads/pastries, cereal, yogurt, fruit, waffles, etc) that's free to guests.
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Oh yes, seconding Embassy Suites - their breakfast buffets are really good.
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I am something like 22/22 using Expedia and the "hotel details" and reviews to determine the breakfast nature and quality.
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The free breakfast at what I think of as a "traveling salesman's hotel" probably adds about $3 to the room rate. Not worth your time to think about it terms of a sunk cost. OTOH, the higher grade hotel that serves breakfast on table with white linen table cloth (and charges $15 for it) probably has a room rate that's higher by half (at least) than the cheaper place.

In your place, I would stay at a cheap chain hotel and go out for breakfast at a nearby diner.
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Forgive the threadsit but I am going to the tourist mecca of Des Moines! I will look for an Embassy, Drury, etc. now that I know what to look for.
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