Ubuntu mp3 sync script help needed
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I am looking at writing a script for my Ubuntu system that synchronizes the latest (as in, last added) N (say, 10 or 20) files from one of my home folders with one of my Dropbox folders. Rsync seems to offer all but one needed feature.

Basically I want to be able to listen to my newest favorite tunes wherever I go. And that music is always an mp3 file or mp4 file in the source folder.

Rsync seems to handle everything except the "limit it to 10-20 files" part. How can I do that? Thanks!
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Are you using ZSH? If so, glob modifiers should have you covered. Stack Overflow reference
rsync -a -- /path/to/directory/*(.om[1,10]) remote-server:

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Something like:
ls -t | head -n 10 | rsync --from0 --files-from - ./ dest
should do it. Here is the man page for rsync.
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> Are you using ZSH?

Nope. Maybe I should though! :-) That modifier looks super convenient.

> Something like...

Thank you! I think that got me far enough. I ended up with this example version working:
ls -t1 ./*.mp3 | head -n 15 | rsync --files-from=- ./ ~/tmp/soundtmp/
I'll customize it from there!
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