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I have used Square Cash for a few years with a debit/credit card from my credit union (a Visa.) Recently, I received a new debit/credit card (Visa with a chip in it.) I've been able to use the card at retailers, including on Square terminals, but sending money through Square Cash with it keeps failing. Why?

I've tried several times after deleting and re-entering the card information (number, expiration, 3-digit, zip.) My credit union says they have no record on their end of the attempt, and Square's support is uncommunicative. Here are screenshots of the error I get each time and of how my card looks when entered.

The only information from Square that seems remotely relevant is https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/5588-supported-cards-with-square-cash. Is there any possibility that a chip debit/credit card counts as an "ATM card"? Otherwise I don't have any leads.

Have any MeFite encountered and solved this issue or at least received a good explanation?
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Have you tried deleting/reinstalling the Square Cash app? The fact that it never makes it to your bank seems like maybe it is a problem local to your phone, and a delete/reinstall could clear it up.
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I send cash using the CCed email address method, but that gives me the idea to try sending using the app!
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It sounds like what you have is clearly a debit card, but if you want to check look up the first six digits only of your card number in a bin search online. The first six digits are the Issuer Identification Number--eg the digits that identify your card as, say, "wells fargo visa debit card" or "bank of america issued discover credit card." Here's one, here's another.

The results should tell you if your card is classified as debit, credit, or neither.

Hopefully trying the app works out for you.
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