Looking for a therapist in Portland, OR.
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I'm looking for a therapist in Portland who is great at helping with bipolar II. My disorder has gotten out of control lately and my moods are cycling much too quickly for me to handle and I'd like to find a regular therapist and also someone that could help with medication. Curve ball: I either don't have insurance or I am on the OHP but don't know how to use it. I'm also jobless, so low-cost/sliding scale is the best option. My old therapist was the greatest, but currently I can't afford to pay her. Any recommendations? Let me know if I should memail you for any other details. Thanks!
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Can you call your old therapist and ask for a recommendation? I was in therapy and had financial difficulties, and my therapist lowered her co-pay for me. Maybe your old therapist would do a similar thing for you?
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Having OHP is a great start. You'll at minimum be covered for your medications, but maybe not your therapy visits. It depends on the exact flavor of OHP you ahve. You'll need to do some homework and figure out your coverage because there are several tiers to OHP and they all act a bit differently. Your OHP is handled by one of three or four insurance companies. You should call their help lines and ask them to walk you through the details of your plan;


Once they help you figure out which insurance company executes the plan for you, you'll need to call that insurance company (whoever is administering your OHP, there's like three companies that do in Oregon) and get into see a GP; your newfound GP will probably be able to help you initially with some triage meds, and get you a referral to someone who can refine things for you.

The insurance company can also help you figure out therapists that are in-network for them. If your particular flavor of OHP doesn't have great therapist coverage, memail me, and I could have my wife (who works in the industry, but does not have a private practice) work up a list for you of folks who can work with you on a sliding scale.
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I have a long list of queer, trans & kink friendly therapists, including a few who specialize in complex cases. Memail me.
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You might want to check out NARA. I'm pretty sure they accept OHP and have a variety of mental health providers.
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I know someone with bipolar II who wanted me to tell you:
Michael Kohler, LiCSW

Let them know that I don't know if he does OHP but that he will work on a sliding scale, and that he is REALLY good and was instrumental in my managing my bipolar disorder so that I am happy and functional.
I looked at his insurance page, and I don't see Oregon Health Plan on there, but he's on like all the panels.
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