What is this miniature stove and where can I buy it?
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How can I identify the make/model and buy a duplicate of this miniature metal stove? It's at least 50 years old and has no brand markings. front top bottom Exact dimensions unknown but small enough to hold in one hand. The individual items (pans,bucket) are not attached and can be moved.
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Google cast iron stove sales man sample and you might have some luck.
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I haven't been able to find this exact one but "salesman sample stove " turns up a lot.

ebay has a ton of them
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My hunch is that it's a toy rather than a salesman's sample. You can find out a bit more about the subject here. There is a reference book here that may help you narrow down the model.
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What ELind said. I have five of them, they are very common and show up in antique stores all the time.
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The ones on e-Bay in the link are way over priced, and since they are cast iron the shipping will cost a fortune. Try to find a local supplier, maybe through your local dollhouse miniature group.

A good little cast iron stove like that should have the stove lids and a stove-lifter to lift the lids with as well as two or three pots or frying pans and maybe even a coal scuttle. You can find them in turn-of-the-century catalogues like the Sears Roebuck catalogue in the children's toy section along with bisque dolls and working model steam engines.

They are not all antiques - they were making them as late as the 1970s for the Gingham and Holly Hobby toy market.
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My grandmother had one of these! Are you OK with a new one? Lehman's sells them.
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Thanks a LOT, marmago!!!! Now I have to buy that!!!
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