Wonder how I disabled my MacBook Pro keyboard
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I was replacing a trackpad in my MacBook Pro (about 2012 model). After I booted back up the keyboard stopped responding. Is there anything obvious I could have unplugged or damaged to make this happen?
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There is a little cable that attaches the keyboard to the motherboard. You can peek in to see if you can find it. The folks at IFixIt can talk you through some other things to look for and they have manuals about how to take the things apart and what to look for.
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I have a mid-2012 MBP. Have an issue with random keys intermittently not working. I learned on page 3 of this discussion that the connections between the keys are very sensitive to galvanic corrosion from the slightest bit of moisture, or the tiniest physical interruption (a wee crumb). Maybe a tiny drop or something (or even condensation) hit a critical place? Or maybe something got jostled when you were replacing the trackpad?

I was quoted ~$400 to replace the keyboard; it's just cheaper (and more ergonomic) to use a separate keyboard, imo. Some people in that thread described DIY approaches to actually replacing the native keyboard, if you wanted to try some of those (at your own risk, I guess!).
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Before you crack it open to check the cable connectivity, try an SMC Reset. It might be a lost cause since on a 2012 model you'll have to use the keyboard-combo method to do the reset, but it's worth a shot.
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