Recommend some Fitbit Flex bands that won't cause irritation
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I love my Fitbit Flex but my skin doesn't love the band. Now that the resulting skin rash is almost healed I'd like to wear it again but would prefer a band made from a different material.

I'm a guy and most of the bands I've seen on places like Etsy are intended for women. I'd prefer something fairly low-profile and unobtrusive but I'm open minded otherwise. I run and practice karate so it needs to be sturdy, too. And it has to have lasers. Kidding. But lasers would be cool.

Any suggestions?
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There's a maker on Etsy that makes cloth covers- some of the fabric is girlie, but she also has basic black and grey. Might be worth a look.
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I ended up getting a couple of these. I clip it to a belt loop. I also bought one of these these for my shoe - to use at the's big enough I can cram my house key in it.
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I had the same issue and I wasn't able to find a band that ameliorated it. Instead I switched wrists every day, took it off when I went to bed and made sure my arm was completely dry, post-shower, before I put it on.
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I just carry the electronic bit in my pocket. It counts steps as well from there as on my wrist. (Be careful on laundry day, though.)
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I'm going to try the leather one. Thanks!
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