Where to go in Los Angeles with my cat on Friday afternoon?
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On Friday, my building will receive a much-welcome visit from The Exterminator. That means that I'll have to be out of my loft for about three hours with Garbo, Queen of All She Surveys. We can't really go to a neighbor's because the whole building is being treated, and so far none of my friends have offered to host a visit. Anyone have any suggestions about where I can go in LA with a pissed-off cat, preferably air-conditioned?
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Hang out at the vet's office.
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I came to suggest: this would be a great time for a check-up visit at the vet. Need vaccinations? A general exam? Maybe grooming, if the vet's not a good option?
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Definitely call the vet. Mine let my cat stay there free of charge one hot day when my house's A/C was out.
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Do you have a car? Find a parking lot with a nice view, let her out of the carrier, and hang out in the car with the A/C on.
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When we had this situation, I took our cat to the kitty day care at PetSmart. I think it was less than $20, and I did not have to deal with an angry kitty. :)
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My vet will board a cat for a day for $25. I'm up in San Jose so prices seem like they'd be similar for you. I'd bundle in any vet work you may have been thinking of taking care of (which would probably get the daily boarding fee waived...)

Will it be safe for both of you to be back in the home that night?
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If there are no veterinary examinations needed, you could check for cat groomers and indulge her with a spa day. I rarely have my cats groomed but given the heat in LA, Miss Garbo might enjoy having a bath and perhaps having her fur thinned a bit.
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Thanks everyone! At my neighbor's suggestion, I decided to pay out of my own pocket to have Orkin come in because they do a non-toxic to pets & humans version where you don't have to leave. It's not that expensive - almost a wash if I'm paying for her to be boarded or groomed and she's an easily traumatized kitty.
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