Can you ID this winged insect?
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Warning: the link goes directly to photographs of an insect. I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, which were taken from a safe distance and then cropped. Can you identify this bug?
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Maybe a great black wasp? There are some great resources at that site to help you narrow it down. Here are some other wasps. (links go to bug pix)
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Likely a member of the Sphecidae, the thin- waisted wasps. Could be a mud dauber of some sort.
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Was going to say mud dauber. Agree with Sphecidae.
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Sphecidae. Can't say much more than that, would need way more detail.
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... like scale. How long is it?
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Thanks all. I was thinking wasp, but didn't want to believe it because it's in the house--and this is the 4th I've found so far. So I guess I need to go looking for a nest. intermod, it's about an inch and a half long.
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For the record, Spehcidae are generally not aggressive to humans and shouldn't bother you much if you ignore them. They will kill other bugs that might more serious pests. Some of them hunt spiders.

They are solitary wasps, and do not form large colonies. Just one mother/queen trying to rear her young. Finding four in your house as probably just an odd coincidence.

I had a nest right outside my door last year. It was fine. I mean, I didn't throw rocks at it or anything, that would be a good way to get attacked ;)
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Do you have nests like these on your house? Mud dauber.
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