Great 2-Player PlayStation 4 Games
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What are some awesome two-player (as in simultaneous play, from the same couch) PlayStation 4 games? Can be versus or co-op.

We just got a PS4 (whoo!) and my kid and I love Rocket League and Goat Simulator (but that's getting old fast, for me at least). I fiddled around with NBA 2K16 (free from PS+) and I thought Journey was two player (it's multiplayer, but online only, we can't play it together at the same time).

I've played the Lego games and those seem fun, so I'm open to specific suggestions (there's like a million of them?). A friend is coming over tonight and back in the day we really enjoyed Gran Turismo (on the original PlayStation), but it looks like Gran Turismo for PS4 isn't going to be out until November). I stupidly bought Need for Speed without first researching to find out you can't simultaneously play.

What are other good games that I can play against/with someone who is sitting on the couch beside me?
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My boyfriend and I have played Borderlands 2 together for the last year at least and we're on our 4th time around and still LOVE it. We play together, split screen. There are multiple characters to choose from when you start so you have different skill sets. It's so so fun. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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Spelunky or Towerfall are pretty fun for multiple people to play locally.
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Nidhogg, Sportsfriends, and Towerfall are all small games that are a blast with local multiplayer. Octodad is great anyway, but it's at its most ridiculous when played Co-op (you're an octopus trying to do people things and each of you control different limbs).

It looks like someone made a big list of games with local multiplayer.
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Response by poster: It looks like someone made a big list of games with local multiplayer.

Well damn, Call of Duty: Black Ops III is on that list, which came with the console and I had no idea it has split screen.
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Towerfall for sure. I think Battlefront does split screen now? The wife and I are trucking through Diablo 4 as well, which is mostly well-done.
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Battlefront does have split screen.
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Response by poster: When you say Battlefront, are you talking StarWars Battlefront?
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Crypt of the Necrodancer has interesting couch co-op, great fun single player too.
Downfall is one-player only, but you'll die so fast that taking turns is easy :)
The Bit.trip series is great for multiplayer, I have not played it on PS4 but it is available.

Jamestown is I think up to 4p shoot'em up, very classic arcade feel.

Also recall that many of PS2/3 games will be available for digital rental.

On preview: Star Wars Battlefront's couch co-op is severely limited and not really worth playing much of IMO.
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There aren't very many local coop games on PS4. My partner and I are always looking. :(

If some D&D fantasy violence is okay, Divinity: Original Sin is great.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has local coop, but it's a shooter, and I don't know your parenting feels on that.

I haven't played Raymay: Legends, but hear the local multiplayer is good.

Here's a thread with more suggestions. And another.

(also, that google doc posted above is great, but the "Released?" column is out of date, so go ahead and check out games it says aren't released yet, as many are).
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EDF 4.1
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You might find Co-Optimus useful. It's a games review site focussed specifically on co-op. You want "couch co-op".
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Rocket league. It's the best.
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Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the best one IMO.

My seven year old and I have done Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Clone Wars, Batman 1, 2, and 3, The Hobbit, The Lego Movie, and are currently working on Avengers. If you prefer DC, Batman 2 and Batman 3 are almost as good, and if you like Star Wars the complete saga is fun.
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I didn't see Chariot listed. It's a lovely cooperative game that can be more or less completed single-player if your particular partner is kind of, y'know, a small child and prone to being a bit silly.
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Response by poster: Last night we played Call of Duty Zombies for a bit but spent the rest of the time laughing our assess off at Rocket League. That's a fun game.
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