Help Identifying/Translating Turkish or Arabic? Writing on Artifact
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I volunteer in an archaeological lab and sometimes people bring in things they find in their yards or on the beach. A woman brought in this spoon that she found buried in her yard. None of us here have any idea what it is other than it is a spoon.

There seems to be writing on it, and it has been posited that it could be a coin that had a handle soldered on. Pictures here! I'm hoping somebody here can help us out because we are stumped as this isn't normally the sort of thing we work with.
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Interesting to compare it with these Islamic gemstone spoons, especially the fourth image.
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Aha, a Turkish coin spoon? From here. Additional examples.
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Awesome, thanks, MonkeyToes! This gives us a great starting point. We will forward on this link Turkish coin spoons to the finder! Usually I work with glass, pottery, Dutch clay pipes from the 18th century so this has been a nice change.
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The digits in the third picture kind of look like they say 1857, but I'm not sure about the third digit - it doesn't exactly match the list of Ottoman Turkish digits I'm looking at.
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