Trumpet and female voice over electronica, pre 1984. Anyone?
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This is a long shot, but I'm looking for a particular electronica track from before 1984. It featured a trumpet and female voice over a repetitive electronic...not really a baseline, but more ....just a background for the trumpet and voice to contrast to. i heard it on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Dreamtime" program one day in March or April 1984. That program is long gone, and no-one at the ABC seems to know if any playlists still exist, so I don't know the artist OR the title. So....anyone??
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A long-shot at an answer: Torch by Soft Cell (1982), which features one Cindy Ecstasy sharing vocals with Marc Almond, and a prominent flugelhorn part.
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my first guess is, Laurie Anderson
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Another possibility: The Walk by Eurythmics (also 1982).
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At a guess, it sounds like a track off of The Attrition of Reason, released in 1984 (originally). Alternately, maybe Laurie Anderson, or Joolz?

Some questions that might help:

Were the vocals in English, or another language?
Was the music up-tempo, or more towards the droning and ambient side?
Was it cheery or dark-sounding?
Did the song sound professionally recorded, or more like a murky home or budget recording?
Was the wind instrument definitely a trumpet, or possibly another wind instrument (or a synthesized wind instrument)?
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Trumpet (well, cornet, technically...), electronics, female voice, pre-1984... Chris & Cosey? Specifically something from Trance or Heartbeat maybe?
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Yeah, my guess given the year would be Let X=X by Laurie Anderson.
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Art of Noise? Lots of horns and female voices. For example, Close to the Edit - but lots of their tracks would fit the bill.
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Thirding something by Laurie Anderson.
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Laurie Anderson "Example #22" from Big Science?
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Saint Germain I want you to get together ?

It's actually a dude with a femme voice.
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This sounds like something Malcom McLaren might have done.
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Transmissions From Vrillon: the genre was not pop/trance, but more Klaus Schulze/kind of droning/ambient. In fact, the playlist had Schulze before this track and Wanda Landowska (a harpsichordist) afterwards, so maybe that's a clue. Google hasn't helped with this, and I've listened to as much Schulze as possible, and it isn't him.

It was definitely a trumpet, definitely professionally recorded.

There were no words in the vocals, hence no language (sorry,really should have made this clear in the question); the vocals

Laurie Anderson is too "jazzy", sorry.

Thanks for all the responses so far.
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I'm sorry that an answer hasn't been found for you, yet. Do you have any examples of similar-sounding tracks?
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