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Another podcast-filter question: These are somewhat popular threads, but I would like some recommendations for podcasts along some specific lines (More inside)

I basically started checking out podcasts yesterday and I already have maybe 3 or 4 ones that I love. Some are incredibly disappointing though, so I was wondering if anyone had some good ones that they already knew about based on some specific criteria:

1. First, I'm really hooked on Dave's Lounge, a trip-hoppy, electronica-ish show that focuses on very relaxing down-tempo music. Does anyone know a good one thats just the opposite? Still electronica, but very uptempo?

2. Looking for very good hip-hop, contemporary R&B, old school R&B and neo-soul.

3. Also looking for some good ones that have a lot of in-depth semi-mature conversations and commentary about films, tennis and video games (not likely to be all on the same podcast).

Thank you.
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As for 3) a), I've been enjoying the Ebert & Roeper podcast at:

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3: Cinecast. http://www.cinecastshow.com/
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3. For films: KCRW's The Treatment & The Business
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For video games, Video Games News Radio, is funny, profane and informative. We're all undead from Cleavland.

For hip-hop, try Rhymes and Beats (http://www.rhymesandbeats.com/). They only have 3 episodes up so far, but each one is two-hours long and split into 1 hour long podcasts. That's like 80 squijillion hours of hip-hop.
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I hafta chime in and second boost ventilator's recommendation of The Treatment. Elvis Mitchell is the best interviewer I've ever heard. These aren't reviews of films, these are in-depth, smart, personal conversations with writers, directors, actors, etc.

Thanks for the description of Dave's Lounge - will check it out.
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Definitely Cinecast for movies— Adam and Sam are great. I get the Ebert and Roeper podcast too, but their sniping back and forth is slowly driving me away.

KCRW's The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell has half-hour long interviews with various movie and other people. Looking at the episodes on my iBook I see such guests as Rob Zombie, David Cronenberg, Sarah Silverman, Harold Ramis among others I don't recognize... so it covers a lot of areas.

KCRW's Martini Shot is a weekly five minute piece by Rob Long. He works in Hollywood (TV not movies, but seemngly in the same circles) and he gives these little funny behind-the-scenes stories (not name-droppy, but more just interesting).

For "semi-mature conversations and commentary about films, tennis and video games" you could try Diggnation although I can pretty much assure you they'll never cover tennis. They discuss the highest-rated stories from Digg.com—kinda like a less technical Slashdot.org

And if happen you want a great podcast in general, you could do a lot worse than Radio National's Late Night Live with Phillip Adams out of Australia. An hour-long show every weekday. Good food for the brain.
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