Recommendations for LGBT-friendly custom clothiers in S. Ontario/GTA?
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I'm getting married in the fall, and I'm also a queer, nonbinary person (assigned female at birth). I'm planning on wearing a suit, and I'd really like to have one custom made. I'd also like to avoid any gender-policing BS from potential tailors, so I'm looking for suggestions. If anyone knows of any shops in Southern Ontario (Greater Toronto Area would be ideal) that are known to be LGBT friendly, I would greatly appreciate being pointed in their direction!
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Not GTA but these folks up in Ottawa made a suit for my friend's wedding (she is AFAB butch) and were both affordable and absolutely free of gender-policing BS. I don't know if they would be up for making a suit without meeting in person but my friend had such a good experience I figured it was worth mentioning.
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There was a great feature yesterday on Q on the CBC, about just such a service , but alas it's in Brooklyn!
Maybe you need a little pre wedding getaway?
The company is caled Suited, and is the subject of an HBO documentary.
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I think the one you are thinking of is called Bindle and Keep which is the one profiled in Suited.
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This may also be useful:

Saint Harridan: Masculine Clothing for Women and Transmen

They do made-to-order (and also off-the-rack) suiting and shirts and accessories.
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This is also an option in Toronto:

Trend Tailors

Mentioned in this Globe and Mail article
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