Printing photos in the woods
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As part of an art project, I would like to be able to use my Canon Selphy CP910 portable printer to print about 30 4x6 prints while at a remote campsite for 5 days. I was thinking maybe I could get a portable, rechargeable UPS like this. How do I figure out how many prints I can get out of something like that? Is that the best option?

I was thinking I could also get some solar panels to recharge it, since I'll be camping in a field. Or, could I hook up my bike to something and recharge it that way? Basically, what's the most efficient and environmentally responsible way to generate enough power while I'm camping to print 25 to 50 prints? Ideally, I'd be able to also charge my phone a few times.
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This manual says that the power consumption is "60W or less (standby: 4W or less)". The UPS has a battery capacity of 288 Watt-hours. This review says that the printer takes 1 minute to make 1 print on average.

So - 288 Watt-hours / 60 W = 4.8 hours. 4.8 hours = 288 minutes. Not counting standby, that's 288 prints.

EDIT: Alternately, from p59 on that manual: "To print where no power outlet is available, use Battery Pack NB-CP2L and Charger Adapter CG-CP200 (both sold separately). On a full charge, up to about 36 postcard-sized prints can be made."
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Based on the specs, it should power a laptop and the printer plenty long enough even if it only delivers half what's advertised. But do you have to carry it? I didn't see what it weighs, but probably a lot to carry even if half of a lead acid ups.
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The battery pack that you can buy for this printer is only 22.2V, 1.2Ah, so 27Wh. You'll have a little less efficiency with a 12VDC to 120VAC to 22.2VDC conversion, but even if you need 35Wh, that's very little.

If you are driving in, just get a 75W or greater inverter that attaches to your car battery. This is very little power and won't drain the battery significantly (nor will charging your phone).

If you are hiking in a significant distance, a lead-acid battery UPS is going to be heavy and you'll want a solution with a lithium ion battery. I wouldn't bother with trying to rig up solar just for this one event, but if you want a little foldable solar charger for your phone anyways, you could try that.
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On actually reading your link, the UPS you suggest is fine, but oversized for your needs.
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