Getting a temporary sticker for a vehicle in a different province
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I moved to Montreal last year, but my motorcycle is still in Toronto. I hope to remedy that this weekend. The bike has been off the road for a while though and the license plate sticker is expired. If I go to renew the sticker at an office in Ontario on Friday, will they ask me for my driver's license or some other proof of address? And, if so, will a Quebec license be a problem? Do I go get a new plate here before then instead?
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You get a temporary permit from ON (you'll need to show proof of ownership, insurance, and your QC license). You may need to have the motorcycle inspected before you register it in QC and then you can get it permanently registered.
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If the bike is still listed as fit in your name as per the ownership, go put insurance on it and go to serviceontario after a week. They would print your form for sticker renewal..... you could either put a years sticker on, then bring the plates back later for refund Alternatively, you can put a 10day temporary sticker on the plate by changing the vehicle status to temporary... however, when you arrive in PQ, you will have to do your safety. Regardless of what you decide to do, you will need active insurance on the bike to get either sticker.
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^^^ If you want to use your one time insurance declaration, you don't have to wait for digital confirmation of insurance - just bring in the pink insurance slip.
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