Bday present for guy who likes to control stuff with his phone?
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My special person likes techy gadgety things. He has an iphone 6s. He already has a nest thermostat and can control his light switches too. What else can he control with his phone?

He has a 2012 sentra if there is a cool car thing. Budget is under 150.
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Birth Control!!!
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Does he ever lose stuff?
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Automatic plugs into the diagnostic (OBDII) port on any car made since 1996 and gives you lots of information about your driving habits and anything that's going on with your car. (It'll diagnose check engine lights and stuff.) It connects over Bluetooth with a neat phone app, it'll tell you where you parked or if you're driving too fast, etc. I had fun with it as a half-tech/half-car person.

(Don't buy it at full price though, they're constantly offering $20 off in podcast ads.)
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Do you have an irrigation system in your yard? Get a Rachio Smart Sprinkler.
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My special person...What else can he control with his phone?

how, uh, special?

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Does he like games?

race cars

Also, if he has any interest in programming, Sphero is pretty cool.
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I have and like Automatic, but I really like iGrill. You can't exactly 'control' stuff, but you can remotely monitor the temperature on your BBQ grill or smoker. Four probes, air temp, product temp, etc.
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Amazon Echo is a great addition to a smart home because you can control your stuff with your voice which is honestly much better than using the phone.
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Music!! I used to have a Squeezebox but I think the product line is petering out now, but the likes of Sonos have taken over with some nice stuff.
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Virtual Reality, e.g. Google Cardboard.

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Yeah, seconding Amazon Echo or Dot. It'll allow him to voice control just about everything that he can control with his phone, ask questions (Alexa tells decent dad jokes), play music, etc.
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Garage door (a little above your pricepoint)
Electric pressure cooker (these things are great, but sorry, also a little above your pricepoint)
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Anova Culinary periodically puts the Bluetooth version of their Precision Cooker on sale, but sadly it's currently full price and so just beyond your price range.
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