Unplanned day trip to Seville tomorrow--help, please!
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My husband, our five-year-old, and I are vacationing in the Algarve, and we suddenly have a free day tomorrow to do whatever we'd like. We want to use the day to see Seville. However, we haven't had time to plan. What do we need to see? What do we need to avoid? What do we need to know about that I'm too tired to think to ask you about?
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I was there in March - gorgeous city! I would consider visiting the Real Alcazar. May be a bit of a line-up, but well worth it. Even just a walk alongside the Guadalquivir is wonderful.. If you get a chance for lunch, I highly recommend crossing the Puente Isabel II to the more eclectic side of Seville and finding a tapas bar in the Flamenco district. The Plaza de Espana (South-East of the Flamenco district) is a stunning jaw-dropper of a sight. Have fun!
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Yes, do the Alcazar!!! It's the most beautiful palace from when Muslims conquered the Iberian peninsula (excluding Granada's Alhambra). Very pretty gardens, too. Also seconding Plaza de Espana; it's gorgeous. And the cathedral is ridiculously opulent, and the burial site of Christopher Columbus. Other than that, try to walk around Barrio Santa Cruz and look at the orange trees. Eat gazpacho and drink sangria.

You might not have the night to go see flamenco, but hopefully you'll see somebody performing on the street-the music and artistry is really incredible to see!
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Definitely the Alcazar! I'm not at all a gardener/botany freak, but the gardens there are breathtaking. Plus parts of Game of Thrones was filmed there!

The stroll along the river is very pretty. If you like oysters, Ostreria de Mercado inside the Mercado de Triana across the river offers many different varieties, plus fancy champagne (not only Cava, though there's plenty of that too) by the glass. I also liked La Paella so much I ate there twice during a 3 day stay. (They tend to sell out of some varieties, so get there early-ish, like 2.)
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