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Where to find decent solid color men's socks?

I like wearing non-brown/black/white socks. I still like regular that a thing? Regular? I mean, cottony, not satiny dress socks. Like athletic socks I guess but like calf high.

Occasionally I will find a 3 pack of socks that has a blue or a green. Or I will find brightly colored socks but they are definitively 'running' socks and too fancy and expensive and have words maybe. But I still want to taste the rainbow....of socks.

I don't mind if the heel or toe are a different color....but I am not super keen on crazy patterns. Just normal socks that are comfy that I can find in oodles of colors.

For reference...I really like the way gold toe brand socks fit and feel. I am a dude with size 11 feet. I don't like business socks (dress socks?) cuz they make my feet sweat like crazy.

I see all sorts of socks on amazon but mostly its all patterns and pizza slices and mustaches.
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Different idea, I've considered buying a large package of plain white cotton and doing a dye job. The sock industry makes me crazy.
posted by sammyo at 1:33 PM on June 20, 2016 [1 favorite] They have a lot of crazy socks to wade through, but their solid basics are solidly good.
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Uniqlo is a great place for colorful basics and had good luck with their socks. Both regular and heat tech for winter.
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Seconding Uniqlo (here's a non-mobile link). It's telling that their "Socks in 50 colors" sub-category contains 89 items.
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I'm a fan of Bombas

there is a coupon for 20% off, the socks are comfy and supportive

I'm a dude, size 11, really wide feet, hate wearing socks. The girlfriend got me a pair of these as a gift and now I'm on board.
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I love love love Explorer socks.
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American Apparel has nice, comfy socks in tons of colors. Or they did a couple years ago; I haven't bought any recently. The company has gone through a lot since then, so maybe things have changed. But it's worth a shot.
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Putting an order together at Uniqlo. Thanks everyone :)
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