Looking for the name of a Street Fighter 2 Knock Off
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I've been working on building an arcade cabinet running MAME. There's one game in particular that I'd like to locate. I've searched for it but haven't had any luck. Here's what I remember: It had pretty poorly animated 2D sprite based graphics. It was a particularly blatant rip-off of Street fighter 2. It came out before 1995. One of the characters was a Kabuki man. Some characters had weapons. It was not Samurai Showdown. The final boss would use a combination of special attacks from the other characters.
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Was it Fighter's History?

If not, do you have any more details?
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Also here is HG 101's fighting game list. It's not comprehensive but you may be able to eyeball it.
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Martial Champion

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It was Martial Champion! Thank you! It looks far worse than I remember, but that's definitely it.
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You had me thinking it was River City Ransom.
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