Need pretty alternatives to ugly hair clip...
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Form and function: Hair clip edition

This style of clip works really well for me. I can get a very cute style by sticking 2 or 3 of them into my hair. But it's way too utilitarian!!

Where might one find pretty, stylish versions of this same type of clip? It must be long and pointy, spring-loaded etc., just like the original. All sorts of barrettes, bobby pins, etc, have all already been tried and rejected. Only this type of clip behaves the way I want.

I am not crafty, nor do I want to be, so rolling my own is not an option. All help appreciated!
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These specific kind are called alligator clips, the stylish kind go by "beak clips"
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The search terms "decorative alligator clips" will help you!
First stop should prob be Etsy
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For search help, they're called alligator clips. You can find some in pretty patterns or with a decorative object on top
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Forgot to add: grippy teeth etc. are not good- they need to be smooth like the ugly type.
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Try the search term "hair sectioning clips". There are some colored ones here. Since you don't want to make your own, how about poking around on Etsy and finding someone there to do a custom order? Send them your photo and ask them to dress them up for you.
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Ficcare is the gold standard on these. They're stupidly expensive but they do last forever and get the job done perfectly.
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Just because I have nothing else to do at work, here's some more I found (also, "duckbill" is a better search term, I stand corrected).
With bows
matte metallic
multicolored metallic
Hollow clips (not sure if this will work, but they look cool)
Translucent neon
Cutout/engraved metallic
multicolor rubberized metal
basic colors
purple metallic
pastel multicolor
black with neon stripe
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WOOT! Thanks folks!!

The Ficcare ones- ooh. Lots to look at.
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My finding, I have to warn you, is that the Ficcare clips do NOT act like the ugly duckbill clips. They're pretty and well made, but you see how they meet at the tip but not along the length of the clip, when closed? That difference in configuration makes them behave quite differently in how they grip and what they hold. The effect and holding power may still be something you like, but it's not the same thing.
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France Luxe is my go-to for headbands, and I checked them for pinch clips. They have a nice selection at price points somewhat lower than Ficcare, depending.
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I have some covered in grosgrain ribbon, in such a way that the metal is completely covered. I got brown so they're pretty invisible in my hair.
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