Where can I buy this kind of silk fabric?
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I am interested in purchasing patterned silk fabric, like the kind you see used in J Crew's kid's neck ties. Usually some kind of repeated pattern over a solid colored background. Kind of preppy looking. Does anyone know where you can get fabric like that? Is there some sort of secret underground network of suppliers in Italy or something? Thanks in advance!
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You can go to Spoonflower and use "preppy" as the key word.

You'll get a lot of hits and you can choose the type fabric.
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I've had good luck with Vogue Fabrics.
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I'm sure I saw silk twill at New York Elegant Fabrics last week, web page is basic but they are on 40th St between 7th and 8th in NYC. Other NYC Garment District fabric stores listed here.
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The ties are made of fairly heavy silk twill with an embroidered design.

Are you planning to make a tie, or are you planning to use the fabric for something else? Spoonflower might be OK if you're all right with printed designs and with a different base fabric. None of their offered base fabrics would be appropriate for actually making a tie--ties benefit a lot from the flexibility and drape of silk and the weight of a heavy fabric, and Spoonflower's only silk offering is crepe de chine, which would be much too lightweight. But if you are making a dress or something you could probably get away with a different base fabric.

Since you seem to be in NYC, your best bet is probably to go to a good fabric store in person. They often get weird overstock from designers (including J. Crew) but since they'll get, like, 2 bolts they won't put it on their website. New York Elegant Fabrics as referenced above is my favorite, but you could also try Mood and B&J.fabric.
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Brocade is probably the search term you're looking for but the traditional patterns are not those at all. Maybe "preppy brocade"?
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