Super Toothpaste - What is it called?
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A colleague once mentioned to me that he has never in his life had a cavity in his 50 years of living. He attributed it to a toothpaste and/or mouthwash combo that he grew up with and still uses. He says that it is available in Indian grocery markets.

My assumption was that it was a product of British health colonization, but I could be very wrong. I think the name of the product began with a K, Q, C or something like that, but my memory is very vague.

I remember that he said it tasted awful but it cleaned his mouth/teeth like nothing else.

Can anyone help me with the name of this product and share how I can find it?

(Note: It's not something like biotin or anything like that. I remember feeling that it was some kind of enamel strengthener or something like that, but nothing that is in the regular U.S. commercial market). I remember a medicinal name or resembling it, and I have a strong feeling it was not a "natural" product.

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I don't know any brand names, but maybe a neem toothpaste?
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Sorry, I read too fast and didn't see that you don't think it's anything natural...
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Binaca? Cibaca?
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KP Namboodiri’s Danta Dhavana Choornam? Since 1928.
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Also, here are some Indian toothpastes/powders/mouthwashes.
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[A few comments removed. Folks, please focus on answering the specific question asked regardless of whether or not you have more general opinions about cavities and genetics etc.]
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Vicco! That's what it was. Thanks, holgate!

(P.S. I understand the genetic perspective, but am interested in trying this brand, because toothpaste is better than no toothpaste!).
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Side note: Vicco also makes a moisturizer that's pretty darn good and worked great at keeping my skin nice and glowy when I spent a few weeks in the dirt and grime of Sri Lanka.
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