Bluetooth to Aux adapters?
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My new to me 2011 Camry didn't come with a bluetooth enabled stereo, but it does have an Aux jack, There are bluetooth adapters that work by plugging into the aux jack, and they seem to get universally good reviews on Amazon. The $15-20 price point for them is appealing. Does anybody have personal experience with them, for both streaming music from your phone and hands free phone operation?
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I use this one in my Civic, and have no complaints. If I have bluetooth enabled on my phone, it will automatically pair as soon as I turn the car on. Music sounds good, phone calls are intelligible in both directions. I've had this one for ~2 years - there might be a newer model now.
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I use this one in my Civic. It lasted about a year and a half, and was mostly pretty good. I did buy this Ground Loop Noise Isolator because I was getting some feedback, which worked great.

I bought a similar unit for my pathfinder and it's still going strong.
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I had one and loved it. :)
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I have that same Kinivo. It works great!
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I'm using the mpow one linked above. It works pretty well, the bluetooth syncing is occasionally buggy: I have to turn bluetooth on my phone off and then on again to connect. For hands-free calling, it works OK to receive calls, but I wouldn't recommend it for voice commands. Overall, I'm happy with it.
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I have this iClever Himbox HB01, and it works fine for playing music and podcasts from my phone.

However, I would not recommend buying it because a) the cord from aux jack to the device itself is short and VERY skinny and prone to breakage (first one broke after only a week, so I bought another, before realizing that... b) the mic sucks with much suckage. Like, I have to shout to be heard, which is hugely annoying. And because the cord is so short, I'm limited in where I can actually attach the damn thing to get it closer to my mouth.
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I use a generic Amazon one for streaming to my living-room speakers. It does what it says on the tin.

Two minor annoyances: one it obviously requires power which means another cable, and two getting it paired to a new device can be a bit irritating (particularly if there are two people who want to use it, in which case I have to repair every time).
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