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TypePad + TypeLists + del.icio.us . . . need some help getting them to play well with each other.

I've spent the past hour trying to figure this out so I figured it's time to turn to the hive mind . . .

I want to use a pair of TypeLists based on subsets of my del.icio.us feed to create a pair of sidebars. One would be posts with a tag "forblog" and one with the tag "postsIlikedfromMyfriendsblogs" (or something). The notion is that the former posts are things found on the Intarweb I want to spotlight and the later are recent posts from friends' blogs that I want to spotlight.

It appears this is doable as explained in the del.icio.us help pages:
Shows me how to add all my links--I tried it and it worked.
explains how to modify the javascript to pull just a posts with a certain tag or combo of tags. I don't know javascript well and my trial and error tweaking of the standard script don't work.

I'm not using advanced templates on TypePad and don't want to.

I do, however, want to display both the link and my extended entry about the link in these TypeList/sidebars.

It probably doesn't matter, but the blog in question is:
And the del.icio.us feed is:
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If you can get an RSS feed for the links you're keeping in del.icio.us, you can just subscribe to that RSS feed using an XML Feed content module on your blog.

More info on the feature here: http://www.sixapart.com/typepad/news/2005/08/xml_feeds_for_t.html

To set up a feed on your sidebar, go to:

TypePad Home > Your Weblogs > Your Blog > Design > Your Blog Templates > Content

You'll need the address for your RSS feed. That's here:

(Our support team is pretty good at answering these questions, too... don't hesitate to file a help ticket in TypePad if you're stuck.)
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