Name for LIterary Fiction Genre?
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Is there a name for the kind of novel that's basically a biography and (often quirky/odd) family history?

This is the sort of book where you get the story of a life, starting with parents or grandparents, more or less chronologically (though it may be framed around flashbacks.) Supporting characters (family and family friends) tend to have strong personalities, are larger than life or are just plain weird. There may or may not be a primary present day plot but the family history and community are central.

I'm thinking things like Robertson Davies' Deptford trilogy, The Tin Drum or Geek Love. This is incredibly common but I don't think I've seen a name attached. "Fictional biography" seems a bit broader than I'm talking about.
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Family Saga?
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Multi-generation or generational novel?
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If you're talking more generally about a novel which is more or less the author's real life, but fictionalized/embellished, the term is roman à clef.
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