Adopted by an injured stray cat! Chicago and general help
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Somewhere in the middle of last night when I had passed out from a migraine, a cat adopted my wife.

She looks between 1 to 2 years.

She's starving, not in heat. Doesn't appear to have ear mites.

Her paw has internal injuries and possibly infected. It is swollen, she growls if it is touched.

She currently has diarrhea and we fed her to much (her tummy is visably full atm).

She is alert, friendly , calm and housebroken. Very friendly around people. Followed wife home.

Currently in quarantine, as we have 3 adult male cats already

No pictures of injured gal, but here is one of my boys Hazmat and another one of Sunfire in his current state of being blissfully unaware there is a cat guest here.

So anyway, recommendations of where to go and what to do next?
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Take her to a vet. Not only do you need someone to look at the paw - she might be chipped, and lost rather than stray.
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Take it to a cat shelter. They will treat it and make sure it is fixed and find a home for it. If you must have another cat get one from the shelter that has already been through the shelter's process.
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If you take it to a shelter make sure and ask about its chances for survival. If you take it to a place like Chicago Animal Care and Control the chances for survival of a sick cat are not great. Same for the Anti-Cruelty Society. Survival chances are good at places like Treehouse or Red Door but they almost certainly have a prohibitively long waiting list. If you are thinking of keeping the cat I absolutely would not take it to a shelter. Get it scanned for a chip and fixed up at a vet and keep it or try to find it a home. If you bring it to a large shelter, expect that there is a high chance the cat will be euthanized, especially as it is the busy kitten season now.
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Cats are like Tribbles. I like to say, once you have one you have three, but you already have three.

HEY - BAD STUFF LIKE FIV IS SPREAD THROUGH FECES. This cat has diarrhea. Disinfect everything, keep the cats seperate. Use extreme caution.

Agree that you must. turn this cat over to a shelter. If you want, you can call your vet, get a discounted rate on a stray for med care + try and rehome this cat yourself. But I don't recommend that because...

I'm pretty sure the distended belly could be kittens. I too am hoping she is chipped and spayed. Either way, your first step is a vet it shelter to see if she is chipped. I hope she is! Good luck!
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You can get the cat checked for a chip for free at ANY vet! You can just walk in, although calling ahead is nice.

They'll probably check for pregnancy, too. Again, disinfect the carrier before and after. Good luck!
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Post her info on Lost Cats Illinois, and on any neighborhood social media outlets you might be a part of. Post signs. Someone might be missing her.

You might contact a rescue and consider offering to be her foster.

But definitely keep her quarantined until you know more about her health.
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I don't think she's pregnant, the tummy wasnt there when she picked her up.

Our neighbors fed her milk which could also account for the diarrhea.

Yes she is going to the vet TODAY. They are just not open until 11 or 12.

Can anyone write something quick in Spanish? Most likely where I live the owners are native Spanish speakers.
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Cat is headed to PAWS. They and treehouse are not taking adults cats for placement. PAWS will provide medical care.

Now we have to decide if we want a fourth cat.
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Many shelters will let you put your name down to pick the cat back up if it is on the list to be euthanized. The rule is often something like show up within 24-48 hours.
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┬┐Es esta su gato? + photo of the cat
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I also MeMailed you.
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You want a fourth cat.
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Fourth cat has selected you.

Yes, you are and are not crazy for doing this. The Vet is the right option for immediate care, which you had already put in action. Hopefully everything checks out alright.

If you don't find her former home, next week is name the new kitty ask...
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UPDATE: PAWS called, cat went into labor a few hours after we dropped it off. 2 little premie kittens are bring nursed by another mom as this one does not have milk. Which is fantastic, and if we hadn't gotten her to the vet so quickly the kittens would have passed. Worker stated she couldn't even tell that the mother was pregnant. So I feel a little better about that, and for stating the mom could be preggers on the intake line to get more attention for her.

So mother now needs respite care to heal from labor, and her paw injuries were fairly extensive. How can I say no?

Pick up is tomorrow afternoon.
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She came to you because she knew you'd look after her.

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